Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

How To Wear Statement Necklaces

by Tammy May

Statement necklaces have been around for the last couple of seasons, but it can be difficult to figure out how to wear them. They look like they should only be paired with dressy clothing, but you don't have to wear them like that. Statement necklaces can be paired with almost any type of top and dress. See below for a few tips on how to wear statement necklaces.

1. Chambray (Jean) Shirt

Dress up a simple jean shirt with a sparkly statement necklace. You can opt for a chunky silver statement necklace, or you can go with one with bold colors such as neon pinks and yellows. If going with a silver necklace, go with a bright red lipstick. For the neon colored necklace, go a little more neutral with your makeup and opt instead for a bright shoe.

2. Bold Tops

Pair a turquoise statement necklace with a bold top such as leopard print. The key with this look is to keep the rest of your look simple. Go with basic black skinny jeans, flat shoes or sandals and minimal jewelry such as a simple watch or bracelet. 

3. Little Black Dress (LBD)

Take your little black dress up a notch with a bold statement necklace. Go colorful with pinks, purples and blues, or you can go with a bolder statement necklace such as one with multiple crystals in black, silver and gray. You can also go with a statement bib necklace for little black dresses with a higher neckline. This adds a special touch and makes the dress look like it has a collar.

4. Nautical Look

Take your striped nautical shirt or sweater and pair it with a simple pair of white shorts or pants and boat shoes. Add a statement necklace with bold white beads to give it a classy look. Give your look a little bit of color by adding a purse or bag in yellow, blue or red.

5. Plain Tee

Add a little something extra to a plain or graphic t-shirt by dressing it up with a bold statement necklace. For graphic t-shirts, go with a higher collar style statement necklace so it doesn't cover the graphic print on your t-shirt. For a plain t-shirt, you can go bold with any color statement necklace you want. Again, with statement necklaces, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Statement necklaces look great with just about anything. Layer more than one necklace to give your statement necklace a new look. Don't be afraid to be bold with your jewelry and be confident with whatever you wear. Click here for more information about custom made jewelry.


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Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

Ever since I was a child, I've loved the look of fashion earrings. However, I soon discovered that my ears are sensitive to metal-coated earrings. Rather than spend a small fortune for custom made jewelry, I've found retailers that sell hypoallergenic earrings. These earrings are made for individuals such as myself with sensitivity to metals. Check your high-end department stores or local jeweler. You'll find hypoallergenic earrings in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. The main thing is to never choose jewelry containing nickle, as this is commonly the culprit. A good alternative to metals listed above is titanium jewelry, as this is considered to be hypoallergenic. Also, avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your earrings and jewelry, as this may cause further irritation. Mild dish soap may work well, but be sure to rinse your jewelry thoroughly.