Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

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    Do you want to give your partner a ring that symbolizes the love and joy that comes from being a parent? If so, then a mother's ring (or father's ring) may be just what you're looking for.  A mother's ring is a piece of jewelry that contains elements representing each of the wearer's children. Because this is a fairly new tradition, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to design.

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    If you're a man who is looking at different wedding ring designs with your soon-to-be spouse, it can be fun to look at options that are not traditional. While there's nothing wrong with a simple band, the reality is that jewelry stores have so many eye-catching ring designs today, you may wish to wear something that stands out a little more. One creative ring style that may appeal to you is a wedding band that has a wooden inlay in it.

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    When you buy a diamond for a ring or necklace setting, one of the main things you look for is the quality of the stone itself. This is often determined by simply looking at a diamond to see how shiny and crisp it looks. A diamond with flaws often has blurry spots on it that make you unable to see the clean cuts it has, making it less likely to reflect light and glitter like its more-perfect counterparts.

  • Know The Signs: Determining If Your Vintage Jewelry Is Authentic

    When you love the history associated with antique jewelry, and the beautiful craftsmanship, you may wonder how to determine if your jewelry is a true antique or a replicated piece. From checking the type and cut of the stones used, to knowing the markings of vintage jewelers, you can do some investigative work to find out if your piece is truly an antique. If you want to take a good shot at figuring out your jewelry's lineage, you have to know your sources and the markings to look for when evaluating vintage jewelry.

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    Metal Sensitivity: Advice From a Jewelry Lover

    Ever since I was a child, I've loved the look of fashion earrings. However, I soon discovered that my ears are sensitive to metal-coated earrings. Rather than spend a small fortune for custom made jewelry, I've found retailers that sell hypoallergenic earrings. These earrings are made for individuals such as myself with sensitivity to metals. Check your high-end department stores or local jeweler. You'll find hypoallergenic earrings in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. The main thing is to never choose jewelry containing nickle, as this is commonly the culprit. A good alternative to metals listed above is titanium jewelry, as this is considered to be hypoallergenic. Also, avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your earrings and jewelry, as this may cause further irritation. Mild dish soap may work well, but be sure to rinse your jewelry thoroughly.